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with The Division 2 has the dark zone


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with The Division 2 has the dark zone, Posted 08/03/2019, 4:38
I am quite sad the snow was removed by them. I played with the beta sure there are tons of tons and improvements of actions in the sport. But there wasn't any improvements I might really think about it it is summer. Which is sad in my opinion The Division 2 Credits. I was given the metro by the snow. Escape out of tarkov texture and it fit snow fall engine ideal! However, what can I say Ubisoft. Allways worse, where the second game is. Just like watch dogs. The very first watch puppies amazing one wasn't great in my view.

Certainly a great deal of people here that didn't play the beta that is closed. The only endgame in The Division 2 is the dark zone and redoing the missions against LMB now referred to as the tusks. The classes are listed as the leg of the endgame despite how spectacularly poor they are supposed to play, tripod. Oh a lot of potential wasted. I see a lot of comments ripping on Anthem & their lack of endgame nevertheless the only difference here is that anthem has strongholds along with The Division 2 has the dark zone... which many players hate. Hopefully endgame will sooner or later seem and at least a few of the bugs will be fixed as well as the abilities will become usable again but at this point the game is mostly just a copy of vanilla D1 with all of the exact same bugs the original needed at launch.

The beta is pretty much the last product every 1 will get this match is turned into pve the devs r just too fool listenning into whiners & cry baby pvers. Dont get ur hopes large folks the pvp is just so bad, realky ubisoft u gonna make the servers for The Division 2 Boosting to 12 players? Other companies r making server n u guys r going thats hillarious lol. Even BO4 made the healing systen manuel so the game n battles will probably be faster n u guys r forcing every 1 to sit in cover for 10min to just get a kill? Ubisoft doesnt care about the pvp community of branch all they care is pve. I hope The Division 2 fails like Destinay 2 did after launching understand their lesson n build Division like Division 1 just another dissapointment from ubisoft.
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